What is it?

What is Ambassador for a Day?

Ambassador for a Day exists to empower young people from 16 to 19 years old with the skills they need to become our future leaders.

In 2023 we are launching the first edition of the project in Italy and winners will be invited to our Embassy to learn about leadership, communication and advocacy.

Winners: we will shortlist a number of winners who will have the chance to shadow the British Ambassador in Italy for two days. Winners will be invited to participate in the King’s Birthday Party that will be held at the residence of the British Ambassador in Rome, Villa Wolkonsky.

For everyone

Ambassador for a Day is a welcoming and safe space to share ideas, learn and to meet others. You don’t need to have good grades or come from an academic background. The thing that matters to us most is that you have an interest in global issues and a passion to make our societies better.


Winners of Ambassador for a Day will have the chance to learn from senior leaders at the British Embassy, as well as the opportunity to give and receive advice from the British Ambassador. You will also be able to meet people from the world of Italian politics and put your questions to them.

No experience necessary.

Our competition is about learning and discovering. We don’t expect you to know how Embassies work or what an Ambassador does. You don’t need to have experience in leadership or politics – our goal is to show you that you could be part of, when choosing the path of international diplomacy for your future. Also, you don’t have to speak English proficiently to apply for the competition.